July 16, 2010

3 more sleeps

I'm trying not to hyperventilate about my vacation ending in a few days. I'm in full denial by staying up super late every night listening to knitting podcasts, catching up on blogs and knitting. (Oh wait. I do that all the time normally. But without the sleeping in part.)

I'm dividing my fibre time between spinning some merino I dyed a few years ago...

(I have 4oz and I'm shooting for a fingering 3 ply. Sorry about the blurry pic.)

and my incredibly fun and lovely testknit. (Should testknit be hyphenated? 2 words? I keep wondering)

It's as-yet unblocked and armless but I think you can see its charm. Thea is such a fabulous designer. You can tell I'm in the finish-as-you-go camp. It breaks things up a bit and I hate doing all the finishing at the end. Even with seamless construction.

I'm also doing tons of sketching and swatching for new stuff. I will eventually need testers, if anyone's into it.

Now I should probably go and round up something for supper, since I don't think slurpees count.


  1. Hi Chris, thanks for your sweet comments. That green sweater is really nice. And oh man I wish I was on vacation between the oppressive heat and the Tour de Fleece. Milk every minute!

  2. Every once in a while slurpees could count, especially if you had veggies/protein earlier in the day...

  3. That is a gorgeous sweater indeed!

  4. I'm not sure, but when it's Africa hot out, I think Slurpees count. At least in my book.

  5. so pretty -- both of these. hope you enjoy every last ounce of vacation!

  6. Hi you -- checking in from my vacation and it's looking good! I so love that green.....

  7. Just curious, how in the world do you finish as you go? Kind of give me a run down of what you do when if you could. Also, what yarn is this? It is FANTASTIC looking!~Jan

  8. Hi Jan

    I mean that, in this case there are no side seams so I wove in the ends periodically once I was a few inches past the joins instead of doing them all at the end. With a seamed garment I can't do that so easily. I did the collar now instead of the end and I sewed on the buttons so I could see what they look like.

    This is Knitpicks Swish Worsted in "Dublin".

  9. Ahhhhh, great idea! This would sure help the dread factor I get at the end. Thanks! ~Jan